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Monologue from Two Minds Pian & Flora from ME team

From training to sending ceremony, the ME team was led by Flora, the leader, and Pian, the vice-leader. Due to a passport problem, Flora could not go with the team. Pian took Flora’s place and led the team all through the trip.

Pian︰At that critical moment, I almost burst into tears and was extremely stressful to take Flora’s place, still thinking Flora could have shown up later over there.

At the departure hall, Flora was reluctant to see her team off. Too upset to say anything, she blamed herself more.

Pian: Teammates were supportive and proactive enough to do many things. They even took care of my emotional frustration. Since there were church leaders and a pastor in the team, they helped me a lot.

There was a saying kept coming into Flora’s mind, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding”. God told her not to be too self-conceited.

Pian: I didn’t know how to lead. I sought opinion from church leaders; I confronted disagreement and resolved conflicts. As we were honest to one another, tensions were brought to an end.

Getting over from her inner struggle, Flora decided to walk with Pian and the team virtually. She called them twice a day. She would lend Pian an ear, comfort and encourage her till the end of the trip.

Pian: Many things I didn’t know how to handle. I depended on my teammates. It was the whole team working things out, not my leadership.

Flora followed the team up closely and went through their ups and downs, breakthroughs or life-changing moments with them. Most important of all, she witnessed the presence of God with the team.

Pian: Back then, I am willing to be STM team leader next time.


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