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New Phase of Sticking Together -Pastor Andrew from ME team

“We were strangers at first, but glued together in face of challenges. The daily devotion and the debriefing time particularly strengthened our unity among teammates. We grew close to one another after two weeks,” said Pastor Andrew calmly.

The ME team faced a change of destination and leadership before departure. Those twists and turns did not affect Pastor Andrew a bit. “We went through an adventure together, building up trust, dependence and sense of unity. It was an inevitable drill for serving God.”

Back to Chicago, Pastor Andrew has two plans in mind. He would like to collaborate with other churches in form of Smart Team, as an advocate of missions and facilitator of STM for congregations. From the STM handbook, Pastor Andrew learnt about Coachnet. He would like to learn more about it through the model of Taiwan and Hong Kong. He thinks it is a good idea to help local pastors walking out of their bottlenecks. After all, he has started writing his doctorate dissertation based on the study of the development strategy of small and medium sized churches in the Midwest. It seems a new phase of sticking together with churches for Pastor Andrew has begun.


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