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New Version of Life - Hoi Shu from North African team

“Breakthrough takes time, but God has prepared me to face all kinds of challenges in SDM that trimmed my life. Since I know God sees me as a treasure, I have confidence to overcome any worries,” explained Hoi Shu who came back from North Africa with a new soul.

In North Africa, what they often did was sing songs, play games or dramas in front of children. Hoi Shu was not a drama queen and the only part she used to do was narration. In STM, she was offered to play a role who needed to lie down on the ground and play dead. Since she had kicked out negative thought like “not do well enough”, “not look good enough” or “not say clear enough”, she was able to accept the role with ease. After all she wanted to try her best and be obedient.

In a house, Hoi Shu lost something. She did not know if it was stolen or just lost on the way. The family in the house was very nervous about the loss, but unlike her usual reaction (making a grudge), Hoi Shu did not want to make a fuss this time. She thought more about the household safety if burglary was common there. Being more considerate, she said farewell to her old self.


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