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Ongoing Dramas

Adventure game is part of the STM training in the campsite. It is a perfect way for team-building within a short while. Besides heavy sweating and sunburns, candidates ran into some minor incidents right at the selected checkpoints as testers for their readiness to reach out people in need.

Observations: (1) A youth team totally neglected the need of the wheel-chaired while focusing on the memory game; on the other hand, an elderly from another team spotted the need and pushed the wheel-chaired away from the slope into a shaded path; (2) Outside a bungalow, a divorced man shouted out loudly via his phone in desperation. A guest speaker carrying her two little girls stopped by and comforted the man with kind words and prayers; (3) Two STM volunteers pushed a cart loaded with boxes to and from an open space. Teams recognized the volunteers and offered help whenever they ran into trouble.

The take-away is practical: To stop by and see through your pair of love-coated glasses whenever it is inconvenient to you.


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