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Pakistani Aides - Shirley of Pakistani Team

“This time was quite different from my first trip. Field workers intended to raise up teenage helpers to train up the child slaves from brick kilns. It was a discipleship in another sense,” said Shirley, MUD Leather crafting artist, by her observation.

Unlike serving the slaves in brick kilns in the past, the volunteer team was told to teach a group of teenagers in the village about personal hygiene such as hand-washing, teeth-brushing and wound-dressing. Then the young helpers would be asked to facilitate a similar event for a group of child slaves from brick kilns. They did their job orderly and well. It pleased the field workers and the team very much.

Shirley recollected her business trip to a hide factory in Pakistan last year. She intended to train up a group of slaves in brick kilns with leather crafting skills that would be making their own living. She was very glad to hear how discipleship worked out for these young ones and little ones.


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