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Respond to God in Love by STM

This is the first Short-term mission (STM) of Hong Wai with CCMN, to Philippines. Hong Wai is not shaken by the tense atmosphere in the Mindanao as he is confident in God's will.

Hong Wai have seen the vision of going to Philippines for STM since three, four years ago, and he was dragging on it. Yet over recent years, God strengthened his faith, giving him confidence and let him know his preciousness. Hong Wai baptized last year and decided to respond to God by STM to Philippines.

Hong Wai have been helping out on STM issues before he decided to go on STM. He knew CCMN through his friend working in Smart Team, and participated as helper in the training camp last year to learn more on the meaning of STM, which inspired him to sign up for STM.

Hong Wai wants to bring the love and caring heart to Philippines through direct contact with the people. Although some team members resigned from STM, his heart is full of peace but not fear. He is excited to go there in such times, expecting to learn more from God.



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