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Same Heart for Two Generations

A family of six, each joining a separate team for a different place, came for STM this year. The head of the family remarked that “if anyone believes in discipleship, his sons and daughters will reflect what he believes.” Indeed, his elder daughter truly reveals what he has been taking about. “If you want to be a missionary, you will be leading a life even harder than your parents,” a trainer in the boot camp for STM threw those words at Abby who listened up and caught the point. Abby started to cry and lost in thought. Her parents encountered a real hardship when following a road to mission. Abby knew it so well that she would rather lead a well-off life than do missions. She used to think “following God is the most horrible thing to do”. But the twists and turns of going into a university forced her to face the truth that her papa has been telling her - “God’s planning is the best”. Encouraged by other testimonies as well, Abby ran to her papa and prayed with him. She surrendered herself to God at that moment. The following day after the prayer, an admission notice was dropped at her mailbox.  

At her low ebb in the second year of her studies, Abby dragged herself back to the mission field where her papa belonged. Feeling exhausted in all aspects, she found it hard to host the STM team. She came to her papa and asked him to pray for her. At that prayer, she casted her burden to the Heavenly Father. Strengthened by God, she could concentrate on outreaching. Due to a lack of workers, Abby alone led an outreach team to the village and be the team’s interpreter all through the journey. Clumsy at using the local language, she was amazed at what she had achieved. She shared her own testimonies and translated the testimonies of others. She prayed for healing and deliverance over the sick while leading villagers to Jesus and training them to minister people. In fact, she did not know all the words but the Holy Spirit taught her so well that people got healed and understood the gospel. She felt a burning passion at her heart and what she did was purposeful.

It was the usual practice for Abby’s papa to do some training for STM team every morning. Abby would sit by and listen. One of his teaching shot her heart - “what is ultimately pressing is to lead people to Jesus just like His disciples.” Whenever her papa called out for missionaries among a STM team, Abby would cry her soul out. It happened for a few times but she ignored the calling.

That time when she led an outreach team to the village, God called Abby again to be His missionary. Abby finally accepted the call. Stepping back from thoughts, Abby focused on the trainer’s reminder. She said, “I am ready now! When I put the mission a high priority in my life, nothing will matter, even leading a harder life than my parents, I will go. I have given my promise to God.” Abby is studying International Studies at a university. She hopes that this course will bring something useful to missions and broaden her views on the world needs. To keep her passion burning, she also studies in the School of Basic Discipleship launched by HKCCN Ministry Training College (MTC). Likewise, Abby’s papa studied in the School of International Studies held by MTC before his departure for long-term mission. During an overseas placement, her papa received a few words from God –“You take My hand and I will bless a nation through you.”  This faithful servant has been serving the field for 18 years, taking his family to tread on the path for missions


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