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STM Team with Mothers & Sons

One can go for STM alone or with their family members! A mother and a son joined Kyushu team to serve while another mother led a team to Macau and left her son to visit Radical City. They were fully rewarded from the STM.

An Entry Level Carman, a practitioner of aromatherapy, has been serving in the worship team at her church. She did want to make a difference this year – “to re-ignite and stimulate my passion for missions while sowing mission’s seed into the heart of my boy”. She would like to make use of her profession to bless others. After beating down all her anticipation over the long journey with her son, she chose to go to a modern city, Kyushu, in Japan. As a mother, she did not want to “scare her 9-year-old boy away”. It was like an entry level this time, but later she would like to try out a backward country with her boy.

In face of the Kyushu trip, Chun Nok could say nothing but ran here and there with his Mom. “Boredom, Sleepiness and Being too energetic himself” were his fear to join STM. During the boring time in training, he memorized more than 90 songs printed in the STM handbook. It made him ready to entertain anyone or worship with the team any time with his small-sized guitar. With his Origami expertise, Chun Nok attracted the eyeballs of many children around him. One of the lessons he learnt was to share his wonderful works such as Fighter Aircraft, T-Rex or Rose, etc, with other children.

An Advanced Level Jing Yi, the first-timer of CCMN STM, took a team to Macau. Born in Macau did give her credit, but it was more about her life progress as a prelude of receiving MTC training after STM. God taught her a lesson in the trip. “He did not mind my leading to a successful team, but a team with love and in good relationship. Only then would the team bring love to Macau.” It was not an easy lesson. However, the changes of teammates in attitude or team spirit, from a negligence of rules to waking up early and fasting for outreach without grudges, rewarded her most within the 8-day journey.

Joshua, Jing Yi’s 14-year-old son, knew too well that if he could take good care of himself, it was already an emotional support to his stressful Mom. He joined the team to Radical City where he got to know more families in Christ, played board games or dodgeball with teens. Joshua fell ill one day and got a quick recovery in 24 hours. Lying on bed resting, he did not miss his Mom a bit. For he was reminded in a biblical verse that “whoever serves in the military doesn’t get mixed up in non-military activities.” What an obedient soldier!



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