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Support Mission in a Simple Way

This year, a volunteer who stayed in the mission trip registration counter is Ming. Actually, she always uses the identity of a volunteer to appear in CCMN’s activities. Sometimes she sells T-shirts, sometimes she welcomes people in the reception. For her, “even she’s doing a simple job, it’s also supporting mission”.

Most of her knowledge of mission is from Mission Action Team (MAT). In the four-year participation, she learnt that “there are two layers in mission: first is go, and second is support. Who hasn’t departed, can stay at the back to support.” She personally has already had a missionary mind in earlier time, but she is still searching God’s heart among the mission fields. Her serving and helping heart can be practiced in the group, as the name implies. Since she joined MAT in 2013, she has stably supported mission and cared missionaries. Of course, she has always received the first-hand prayer lists of the mission fields, she will care and pray for them.

Although recently she has fallen into a trough and has experienced attacks, “every time I help in the mission-related activities, I meet and I hear the sharing, testimonies and messages, it’s like taking the medicine of strengthening heart”. She even saw how God blessed a loyal and persistent brother in the group of MAT. This testimony encouraged her.

Now she is working hard again and persisting in God’s love to grab the calling from God.



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