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The Big Picture Act -Meiki from Jordan Team

“Our team were all Hong Kong people. When we arrived there, we needed to team up with foreigners from over 10 different countries, who were either long termers or short termers. We worked, paid visits and taught classes together. It was really an example of One Body One Church,” Meiki rounded up the situation precisely.

Jordan team was formed by Hong Kong people. They served with a prestigious local church where it located in a refugee neighborhood. Many volunteers around the world came there to help and care for Syrian refugees. They came to work on their pieces for the big picture of God.

“We used to think we understand the expression - You come and it means a lot,” said Meiki. But it carried a far deeper meaning. STM team witnessed how a refugee family, desperately living for 6 years in Jordan, felt love again after the team paid a short visit to this family. Using different languages, refugees still felt the love expression from the team by the working of God who healed the disheartened people. “It’s true. We came and it meant a lot to them for they felt God’s love,” said Meiki contentedly.


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