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The Change on a Daughter’s Heart

Mission is a lifestyle where the young generation is inspired

“I took along my 10-year-old daughter to STM because I wanted her to serve God and glorify Him. Perhaps God would speak into my daughter’s heart and she would learn something and be inspired spiritually and physically,” said Fa who joined Team Kuala Lumpur (KL) without hesitation. Challenges started right after the pre-trip training of STM. The number of training sessions before departure was far more than she had ever expected in addition to the 8-day journey. Her husband could not agree with her

Mavis, her daughter, felt bored and uneasy at first in the training. She even complained about getting less playtime with her papa. As the papa had a soft spot for the little girl, he also grumbled about it. Fa found the team leader to sort it out. Mavis rejoined the team only in the STM camp.

By the power of continual prayers, Mavis amazingly got along well with the children group in the team. In KL, the girl actively took part in drama, elderly visits and sock bunny workshop, etc. Children experienced their own prayers’ power by God. At last, Mavis’s heart changed. She even invited her papa who picked them up at the airport to join them for the next trip.

Later the husband’s suggestion stunned Fa as well. “My husband suggested going to Malaysia for a holiday and saving a few days to visit and serve the church, after seeing the change of his daughter!” exclaimed Fa.


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