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The Legacy of STM

Romrick and Remie, the two siblings, from Celebration International (CI) City Church, Mindanao of the Philippines, stepped forward to the cross-cultural foreground in Macau as the destination of their choice in CCMN International STM Movement for their very first time. There is a rich legacy of STM behind their participation. Perhaps Pastor Alex of CI Church, whose heart is fastened to the ministries of Muslims, has been more well known for years as the long-term host of STM teams in Mindanao. Since the first STM team to Mindanao sent out by Shepherd Community Church, a member of CCMN, in 1989, CCMN has been sending STM teams or relief teams to support and walk with this church. Only few people knew that some present mission field leaders such as Dino or Lois had involved in Peace Camp organized by Pastor Alex many years ago and they received a high compliment on service. In 2014, CCMN sent Edwin out to be the long-termer in Mindanao. The timeline of stories extends and joins the present.

Being set up for 5 years, CI City Church, which was technically the product of STM teams, was the place where the brother and sister have been growing and serving.

During the trip in Macau, Romrick, who used to be the interpreter for hosting STM teams in his place, has been helped by teammates who speaks Cantonese. He feels “amazed and being served.” He added, “Why did people leave their comfort zone to share God's love to other people in the Philippines? This question kept running in my head. I discovered more about God's love. Go out and make disciples. Just because of God's love. So, we shouldn’t stop sending people. As religion and money are the strongholds in Macau, even there is only one Christian, there is hope.”

Romrick’s sister, Remie, is a worship leader in the church. She said, “It was hard to preach door to door. People slammed the doors. It didn’t hurt me, but what people rejected was God. I ask God to let me do more. Next year go to Macau to reach out more. I ask God to send me. Many people are in need.” She was also grateful for the encouragement and support from Edwin. 

In addition to fundraising through his network by faith, Edwin advised the two siblings to gain financial support from friends or church network. After that, Edwin met up with them regularly for introducing them some CCMN basic values, principles or training methods. He would share his own STM experience with them, so that they could be well prepared for the trip as a whole. Edwin, being the connector for the preceding and coming generations, wanted to express, “being a CCMN missionary, I have my part to mobilize this Movement!”


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