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To Bring a Lifelong Change - David of Bangladesh Team

“Once I thought charity was giving out money to people in need. It did help them to solve the problem for a short while, but wouldn’t even touch the root cause,” said David, who got baptized for just more than a year, mulled over the issue of poverty in Bangladesh.

As a cameraman for his team, he witnessed how difficult life could be in this world’s poorest country. However, he came across many living testimonies that God raised up people from the slums, full healed people’s trauma, reconciled relationships among families. All these have kept His field workers faithfully work for God till now. Inspired by what he saw and heard, he concluded “the only hope is from God. When people experience God, their thought and hearts are no longer the same. It is more likely for them to walk out from the problems and stand up for life.”

Back to Canada, David wants to impact others by his images taken on the trip via ppt or short video clips.



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