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CCMN stands for "Cell Church Missions Network".

The main purpose of CCMN, and the whole reason it exists, is to facilitate relationships between churches who want to network to do missions.

The defining drive of these churches is that they have a heart for missions, which is even more important than being a cell church or not.

CCMN is not an organization, but is made up of different people contributing themselves from a network of many churches.

We accidentally started the network in 1998 without meaning to start a network. It was supposed to be a one-off thing – connecting the churches that we knew to see what God would do through this connection. Well, God’s ways are far greater than our ways and His thought much higher than ours!


CCMN International

STM Movement

Since 1995, during the summer period of July and August, CCMN has been sending different STM teams to win the lost soul for Jesus Christ around the world. In the beginning, only 10 to 20 people from one or two churches joined the STM.  Nowadays, several hundred people from 60 to 70 churches would join the STM every summer. People are not only from Hong Kong but also from overseas. They take a trip to Hong Kong for training and then depart with other teams.

Our mission fields are mainly in unreached areas of Asia, but we indeed visited Europe or even Africa in the past! Our past mission fields include:Vietnam, Thailand, England, Kenya, Myanmar, Japan, Macau, Laos, Indonesia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Uganda, the Philippines, India, Malaysia and some restricted areas. 

Rugby Players

Coaching Network

Over the last 10 years, CCMN has facilitated in building a rather different type of church networks in a few nations. To have a church-based mission movement, you must have churches that are networked to do missions together. It is important to build church networks that are strong and where churches stick together. These churches need to share the same values and have the “one body, one church” ethos. How do you build such networks? We can see that even denominations are not like this. CCMN is not an organisation nor a denomination. How can we see churches that will be willing to work together and for the long haul? Missions cannot be done except for the long haul.


Global Summit & Regional Summit

We have some people in our midst who are participating in this summit the very first time. Let me first give a little introduction regarding this summit. We have pastors from 30 countries gathered together to share with each other. During each summit, we learn a lot of things and are inspired by one another. But the most beneficial element of this summit is the opportunity to communicate with many pastors from different parts of the world. We are the household of God, when we gather, we are all equal. The main atmosphere of the summit is: "No Glory; No Control”



Contact us

Office address (CCMN H.K.):

B2, 12/F , Block B Eldex Industrial Building,

21 Ma Tau Wai Road, Hung Hom , 

Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Telephone Number (CCMN H.K.):
(852) 9315-0707  or  (852) 2772-4760

Fax Number (CCMN H.K.):
Fax:(852) 2772-4770

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