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Wherever you go, I will support you till the end

Has anyone said something to you that made you feel so loved?

Pastor Hsiao from New Life Church is a coach from Taiwan coaching network, and he has spent more than three years coaching Pastor Pan from Kaohsiung. When Pastor Pan is about to leave Kaohsiung to Yilan Luodong, Pastor Hsiao said something that’s very loving: “Wherever you go, I will support you till the end.” Pastor Pan shed tears while sharing his coaching network experience and appreciated Pastor Hsiao’s companionship and encouragement, and he’s deeply touched that this relationship won’t be broken because they live in different regions. This is what coaching network values the most: Walking together!

The story of Pastor Hsiao and Pastor Pan is very wonderful. Pastor Pan, who was born in a military family, is the eldest son of the family. Because of his relationship with his strict father and his fear toward his father, Pastor Pan’s relationship with any elders were all very distant. However, after being coached by Pastor Hsiao, Pastor Pan started to realize how humorous and approachable Pastor Hsiao is. Pastor Pan felt that God was constantly healing and adjusting him with this “father and son” relationship, so that he cherished the time they spent together every month.

Because they didn’t want to see any lonely pastor, Kaohsiung has started its own coaching network. Pastors cheer, encourage, and share with each other. Pastor Hsiao witnessed one-on-one discipleship can truly change people. Change doesn’t happen instantly, but over time, by taking one step at a time, not only Pastor Pan’s fear of the elders got healed, but also his relationship with his wife has been greatly improved. Pastor Hsiao now understands more about how powerful coaching someone, walking with someone is!



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